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Laurel Anderson-Rostami, MA, ABS, LMHC 

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Welcome to Conscious Completion!

Laurel specializes in resolving all forms of trauma.  With this resolve the development of greater internal wisdom and awareness can be cultivated which is called Conscious Completion.   Conscious Completion allows internal wisdom to function as your guiding light.  Sessions are based on what you want to be, manifest or resolve. Specific survival based living choices or behaviors are resolved allowing conscious choices to prevail.  When these unconscious ways of relating to life are replaced with conscious choices, aligned with who you truly are, trauma is less likely and optimal health is the norm.  With this depth of acknowledgment and resolve, awareness deepens and you start responding differently towards situations whether they are stressful or not.  Survival of the fittest becomes thriving from Conscious Completion.  You are able to have a life of being who you are rather than doing what is expected.  The focus is on evolving your body, mind and energy system into a lifestyle of optimal health.  Presenting issues are welcomed to cultivate learning, awareness and resolve. The relationship with yourself becomes clear, faith deepens, and courage grows. The relationships with others are enriched and more harmonious.

Mental Health Offerings

Self Regulation Therapy

Our nervous systems are stimulated to varying degrees during the course of our ordinary daily activities.  Our responses to these stimuli, whether they are positive or negative in nature, can sometimes be overwhelming to us.  Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) is a technique that focuses on body sensations instead of detailed discussions to dissipate these feelings of being overwhelmed.  SRT is an integrative somatic approach to diminish excess activation in the nervous system, resolve developmental and shock trauma, and eliminate symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder.

SRT allows an individual to experience low levels of activation of the nervous system for short periods of time, followed by a return to a state of ease.  This permits the nervous system to digest the heightened level of activity and learn how to handle it effectively, thus creating a new way of being.  Clients develop the ability to maintain a more regulated state of being when dealing with situations of stress (positive or negative).
Laurel guides this SRT work in a safe environment where clients can work through fight or flight responses that have been suppressed to maintain healthy functioning.  As the new state of being is developed, clients become able to manage daily challenges and stresses with increased ease and feelings of well-being.  This leads to greater joy in life, enhanced relationships, and improved health and vitality.
Why SRT is so important to experience?
Were it not for our neo-cortex or “rational brain,” our natural responses to threat would be identical to that of animals.  If we feel someone has violated our boundaries, we have a visceral response similar to an animal whose territory is violated.  Our social norms about how we should behave help the rational brain override our visceral responses to these violations and we respond with tact rather than aggression.  This is important to do – but the innate responses do not subside from the nervous system.  You may remember feeling cold or trembling after a close call while driving or while sitting in a dentist chair or feeling anger and tension that lasted long after you talked through that threatening issue with your partner.  Most of us minimize it and go on to the next task not realizing the energy mounting in the nervous system.  This energy stays in the body leading to disturbances in sleep, mood and overall health.  When this energy gets too high it manifests as symptoms known as dysregulation.  The process of unwinding dysregulation from the nervous system and aiding it to process is SRT.  The value of experiencing SRT lies in it enabling these thwarted responses to be completed in a safe environment, using a practiced system of gently guiding you through the sensations that have been suppressed in your body, and ending in a position of ease.
What life events can be resolved with the assistance of SRT?

When a client has not had their needs fully met as a child there can be an imbalance with emotions and behavior responses. These imbalances can manifest themselves as anxiety and mood disorders, physical symptoms, addictions, depression and much more.  Imbalances can also be caused by surgery, automobile accidents and a variety of other threatening life events.  When SRT resolves how these events have been held in the nervous system the “re-living” or reenactments of the event in the form of symptoms can come to an end.  SRT works well to resolve sport injury, motor vehicle accidents, falls, whiplash syndrome, post-concussive disorder, medical/dental trauma (surgery, anesthesia, poisonings, hospitalizations, physical injury); relational trauma (divorce, death, rape, assault, sexual abuse, shame, dissociation); fetal distress and birth trauma, near drowning, electrocution, suffocation, hallucinogens, psychosis, high fevers, seizures and global events (war, natural disasters).

What do clients experience with SRT?
Because SRT moves in and out of sensation in a regulated way the client can experience a sense of control in the sessions.  Clients experience releases of heat, tingling, trembling, twitching and sometimes tears.  The goal is not to release in a catharsis but to bring forth regulation in the manner that fits most comfortably your nervous system.  Many clients notice an increase in positive and negative sensory experiences.  As trauma and shock is being resolved this enables dormant sensations never dealt with to be addressed and resolved.  These dormant sensations awake now that there is room and a way for them to be dealt with. As these layers are dealt with, greater health can now be realized with emotions naturally starting to balance.  The number of sessions needed depends on the number of layers involved in releasing the trauma and shock related with the symptoms being resolved.  Clients can decide to take breaks from treatment and resume at a later date without losing the benefits of the work that has been done.   The completion of treatment is typically attained in significantly less time than conventional conversational therapies.  It is very helpful to make a list of the goals or accomplishments you wish to realize from this treatment before beginning. 

Generational Counseling
Genetic memory is the original memory of unreleased emotions as well as our inherent gifts.  We hold in our bodymind genetic information from our parents and their lineage. This information can be both pleasant and unpleasant. Genetic memory can manifest in symptoms such as disease and help create the very reality we wish to change or improve. Laurel assists with releasing this embodied traumatic genetic memory with SRT and visualization exercises releasing energetic and emotional blocks contributing to illness or stress. Clients are able to learn from family dis-ease while transforming it into awareness.  As resolution unfolds, increased feelings of ease and deeper connections of love for everyone can be realized.  

To know more check out this link about generational trauma.

With release of generational memory and patterns you can:

~feel safe with your body which enables greater healthy and vitality
~connect and realize your purpose in a real and tangible way 
~enjoy the bounties of life such as a fulfilling career, optimal health and financial success 
~desire what supports your well-being  
~be and enjoy your optimal weight
~end self-sabotage such as procrastination  
~perceive your inner guidance and attract what fulfills you
~be of service to humanity while feeling joy through-out you

Couples Counseling
Effective communication is easily learned with the tools Laurel imparts to couples wishing to grow a stronger relationship. Couples develop self-awareness and self-mastery so the relationship with each-other can be strengthened.  Conflict is replaced with action plans that allow the nervous system to have what it needs to resolve triggers.  With this gentle resolve the relationship can be an opportunity to bring closure to the past and relate functionally in the present. Enrichment of the individual and the relationship can naturally unfold so clarity, joy and intimacy can manifest. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy  
Education, protocol and practices to provide specific strategies to help address problems and construct new behavior.

Weight Release Program 
This is a total support to release the weight of the body and mind.   Program highlights:

~Nutritional counseling with specific information to fit your new healthy lifestyle.
~Foods that help to release weight! 
~Art therapy to work with subconscious triggers. 
~Counseling to empower, grow strengths and create a new lifestyle of conscious nourishment. 
~Energetic boundaries and development.

Holistic Health Program
This is a unification of body, mind and spirit.  Often in chronic illness parts of us can get cut off from the rest of our being creating patterns of illness which no one seems to be able to figure out.  Our body is a thriving powerhouse of energy and information enabling us to partake of the bounties of life.  In our current civilization we are meant to use our body to thrive.  To actualize this we need to unify our body, mind and spirit.  An effective way to unity is to deal with the emotional and physical blockages one holds while allowing one's true self to feel safe to fully exist.  

Program highlights:
~Art therapy for awareness of unconscious blocks and necessary resolve for unification.
~SRT to enable new neural networks to support unification and a conscious lifestyle.
~Counseling for release and learning from old wounds.
~Generational counseling to releasing generational patterns of illness.
~Nutritional counseling to support harmony in the body, mind and spirit. 
~Energetic boundaries and development.
~The program ends with a Thriving Plan and installation which supports your new authentic lifestyle.  

Putting Down the Gun - Freedom for Veterans

After combat veterans leave the war between the countries only to find they now have one going on within their own self.  The gun never gets put down until the nervous system puts it down and traditional psychotherapy usually does not work specifically with the nervous system. 

Consciously there is the awareness that one is done with duty but the only way the nervous system knows it is done is to process how the fight, flee and freeze responses were embodied during duty.  Often vets feel like they are crazy when it is the situation they put themselves into that was crazy.  No one usually informs veterans of the full damage duty generates so it is also normal to feel intense betrayal and overwhelm.  Often free services only retraumatize and pathologize veterans verses freeing them.

As a result, the need for control, hyper-vigilance and playing out the war experiences over and over again in dreams and daily life is normal.  This new normal captures and annihilates most veterans who do not get the help Self Regulation Therapy can offer.  SRT resolves how the experience is held in the nervous system so freedom and thriving can manifest.

Virtue Medicine Offerings

Embracing Change

Embracing Change sessions may be perfect if you’re going through a transition or major life change (re-location, career shifts, health challenges, relationship issues, spiritual awakenings).  Gentleness, purposefulness and compassion are used to help you know what resonates with who you really are. 

Honored Sensitivity

If you are ready to release judgment and own your nobility this offering may be a gem waiting for you.  Virtues in these sessions are used to grow your gifts, set your intentions and increase you ability to manifest what is best for you.

Self Manifestation

Self manifestation sessions are designed to clear what you need to let go of from your lifetime and generational programming.  Clearing limiting beliefs and energy enables you to manifest a life filled with abundance, joy, vitality and harmony.  Your capacities can now manifest.  You also learn the secrets to listening to your body's rhythms and the spiritual guidance you are constantly given.

Animal and Nature assisted Therapy

Animals and Nature reflect to us the virtue medicine we need.  Nature knows how to take care of nature with the original intunement bestowed upon it and flowing through it.  This purity can help us to center, purify and renew with the antidotes we truly need.  This therapy clarifies the client's intentions and essential needs while the animals and nature provide the remedies.  Laurel contains the process while assisting the emotional, physical and spiritual shifts. 

Medical Qigong 

Yi Ren Qigong (YRQ) Classes

Laurel is a certified teacher of Yi Ren Qigong.  YRQ is the practice of cultivating individual inherent capacity and well-being through the cultivation of “Qi”- a bio-energy information system within us and surrounding us.  With classes and practice we naturally become self aware of energy flow in our body, what is functional for our physical body and what enables us greater joy in all areas of life.

Yi Ren Qigong enables us to consciously know the internal wisdom of the body.  This means understanding the body’s functions energetically, informationally, emotionally, subconsciously and the collective unconscious.  A consistent practice of YRQ assists individuals to strengthen all levels of oneself by regulating and harmonizing the physical, emotional and energetic body.  With grounding exercises and practices directed to individual's wishes and intentions greater self-knowledge, self-healing, self-care, self-realization, self-mastery, and self-fulfillment are possible.

Wellness Consulting

Nutritional Coaching
As a Raw Foods Chef Laurel inspires others to integrate living food into daily choices. She guides clients to an eating plan that resonates while facilitating a healthy relationship with food. Laurel increases awareness about more food choices, she teaches how to use food to support mental and physical health and how to heal from eating disorders. She has 36 years of research and training in food-based wellness, served as a speaker for Eating Disorders Northwest, and taught raw foods classes. Guidance is also available on how to deepen the body's ability to take in nourishment, shopping for nutrient rich food, preparation and how to determine what food you need to provide brain and body nourishment. Education is catered to each individual situation with plenty of raw and cooked options and loads of gluten-free creativity.

"When the science of medicine reaches perfection, treatment will be given by foods, aliments, fragrant fruits, and vegetables, and by various waters, hot and cold in temperature" 
~ Abdu'l-Baha

Life Coaching, Career Coaching, and Corporate Coaching
Laurel has provided consulting for individuals, corporate owners and families in order to develop and illuminate their inherent capacities while enabling their natural ability to thrive with purposeful choices. Consciously completing each layer of development evolves unconscious blocks into deeper awareness for optimal health in oneself as well as the larger systems/organizations one is part of. Consulting aligns clients with who they are and what they wish to create. The power of living authentically generates greater clarity and resolve for issues presented as well as issues yet to be known.

Holographic Memory Release 

HMR supports energetic realignment of the body, mind and energy system.  Your energetic body is the field around and within the physical body.  Usually illness shows up in the energetic field first. The energy vectors of your energy field connect with the vertebrae which connect to the organs, connective tissue and meridians of your body.  Laurel uses these wisely established systems as guides to enable activation of your innate healing ability. Energetic dis-ease is able to come into ease or balance.  Any information needing acknowledgment is brought into consciousness at the time you are able to handle it so resolve can occur at an honoring pace.  You are guided to grow more intune with yourself with the continued use of this energetic method as well as your practice of Conscious Completion.


Community Constellation Workshops

Laurel specializes in empowering systems of all kinds whether it is the physical system, emotional system, or energetic system of the body, or the family systems, and community/corporate systems we live or work in.  In communities it is normal for family of origin issues to get projected into the community dynamics causing confusion and drama.  In the Community Constellation Workshops Laurel facilitates and enhances community well-being by uncovering the hidden issues and dynamics needing to be resolved.  This gentle process causes conscious awareness in place of confusion and harmony in place of drama.  When Constellations are done everyone benefits even if they are an observer.  In addition to resolving presented issues, beneficial effects are often noticed throughout the weeks and months that follow.

Mindbody Constellation Workshops With Extra Therapeutic Support

Each illness serves a function and represents an attempt for the mindbody to find resolution.  Constellation work combined with cultivation of one's relationship with their mindbody improves the depth of understanding attainable through active participation or active witnessing of constellation work.   Resolving personal and family issues by accessing the family lineage and the Knowing field of constellation work enables closure and clarity of both live and buried wounds or illness.  Group consciousness creates this Knowing field which is used to inform us of the deepest dynamics in our family system and find new resolutions for greater well-being.

In addition to the constellation this workshop also includes:
  • Group therapy to increase understanding of one’s own body’s wisdom through sensation, art and therapeutic practices.
  • Group discussions, group dynamics, and gentle mindbody-centered practices to deepen self-awareness, well-being and loving connections with others.
  • The cultivation of compassion, consciousness, and self-care practices so mindbody health can maintain its optimal expression.
Developing a healthy relationship with one’s mindbody is the foundation for healthy fulfilling relationships of all kinds.  Learn to use your valuable mindbody to guide, support and honor a fulfilling life journey. 

Prior to Our work Together

Please review your individual needs and goals so we can design a wellness plan catered to you. Continued review on your part is vital so we can celebrate what is going well and update the plan as need be.  Any wishes you have are important to communicate including wishes you have for your relationships, family, and the larger community you relate to. Anything you think would be helpful is important to mention. Make sure you are hydrated and sipping on water through-out the day prior to and after sessions. 

For phone sessions have a blanket, pillow, tissues, warm water and a headset ready.  It is best to do all phone consultations siting or standing. The phone consultation number is:  (425)572-0224.  If an issue comes up between sessions you are welcome to call this number between 9am-9pm to schedule a consultation.  I can not guarantee I can accommodate last minute requests but a majority of the time I accommodate these requests and resolve the presenting issue.

The Pre-session form below is for you to download to note issues and process.  It is important to bring it to the session or have it available for your reference for phone sessions. Please use the back of the form to write any extra information you wish to share:

Bio~Laurel Anderson-Rostami

Skill Areas 

Individual counseling, Couple counseling, Family counseling, Generational trauma, Physical illness & injuries, Chronic pain & illness, Trauma & shock, Life coaching, Career coaching, Corporate coaching, Nutritional coaching, Yi Ren Qigong.


Diploma from Bastyr University/ Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), with a Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science and a Systems Counseling concentration. With the systems concentration I specialized in facilitating health in family and corporate systems as well as marriage counseling.  I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Montana.   My ability to facilitate healing grew from over 39 years of personal work, one-on-one work with clients, my research/development of healing modalities and trainings in many different forms of healing.  Some of my additional trainings are:  Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Prenatal and Birth Trauma, Holographic Memory Release, Animal and Nature Assisted Therapy, Constellation Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Yi Ren Qigong, Art Therapy, Executive Coaching, Self Regulation Therapy, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Herbology, Quantum Medicine, and Homeopathy. I am currently working on a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine. 


I have worked in the field of nutrition, personal development, and counselling since 1989.  I started as a Nutritional Consultant at WIC in Missoula, MT.  I went on to create programs of rehabilitation for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.  I then worked as a counselor in the Rader Institute in Auburn, WA helping patients resolves eating disorders. In 1993 I opened a private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Renton, WA. Through my research and practice I went on to developed holistic methods for resolving generational trauma, chronic illness, eating disorders and physical injuries.  I have given many talks on mental health, eating disorders and marriage enrichment through-out the Seattle area as well as teaching Yi Ren Qigong at Bastyr University.

About me 

I feel joy when I am in nature, connecting with others in a way that resonates with me and learning!  I wish to provide excellent, seasoned skill in the gentle facilitation of the client’s inherent capacity to renew greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vitality so presenting issues can be successfully addressed.  I see the world moving into greater peace by greater inner peace being established within each one of us. I believe healing is the cultivation of one's spirit regardless of what the journey may be. I see one's journey helping everyone's. I am so interested in what each one of you is here to teach me.  I am sensitive so I see, feel and reflect to people what I witness within them.  One of the greatest gifts I have gotten in life is the trust clients have given me.  As a result I am even more dedicated to working with deep reverence and gentleness making sure my clients are the ones who control the process.  My wish is to help facilitate the manifestation of joyful, purposeful living beings of vitality consciously creating a world community of peaceful collaboration.


Thank you for the great privilege of witnessing you uncover more of your innate capacity for healing and accompanying you in the noble process of strengthening your true authentic self.  Thank you for the gift of your testimonials.

"Laurel was a pivotal part of my life for the following reasons: she helped me 
refine my intuitive abilities and helped me trust myself, she coached me to 
assert myself and protect my boundaries, and she gave me skills in processing 
emotions that ultimately enabled me to be comfortable in my own space. This led 
to finding my life partner. I also appreciated how much counsel she could offer 
about nutrition and health. Best of all, she doesn't want her clients to become 
dependent, she wants them to spread their wings and fly!" ~ SS, Richland, WA

"I started to see Laurel when I was 24 years old. She has helped me considerably over that last 20+ years. Her kind, loving spirit has helped me find who I am and celebrate it! With all my ups and downs, she has been a rock that I have turned to without fear. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, support and loving light.” ~ Marianne, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"How impossible it seemed to see and evaluate the patterns I'd established in my life over 40 plus years- especially in my flagging relationships with family and marriage.  Laurel was an absolute gift for accompanying me on a path of discovery that has forever changed my being- intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually  She has an insight that is both inspirational and absolutely spot on in assisting my journey, supporting my challenges and reminding me well and often to celebrate the joys and opportunities of my life- past, present and future.  Above all, I think she taught me that the quality of life comes not in the answers we find, but through the questions we ask.  Thank you for all the right questions, Laurel!"  
~ Christopher K. Gilbert, Ph.D., Gig Harbor, WA
Managing Principal at GlobalEdge Solutions, LLC   

"Wonderful sessions with Laurel!  She helped me walk a guided path of getting my life back.  She skillfully supported me through everything with intunment and clarity.   I know myself now, I have dignity, strength, I have been changed for the better, I am limitless now."  ~ Grateful Soul

"Laurel has a gentle touch and demeanor; her HMR work is both relaxing and rejuvenating!"
~ Carolyn  S., Burlington, VT
Craniosacral Therapist, Educator, and Applied Anthropologist

"Integral to overall health is the mind and body working together.  Laurel's work to align both following my surgery improved my healing process.  I didn't realize how much she could help until I experienced Laurel's approach."  ~Weldon

"I met Laurel at a time when I was going through a huge transition in my life. I felt lost, confused. Thanks to my time with Laurel, my life has transformed! I can now say "I am whole." Through her gentle guidance and accompaniment, I was able to begin a journey that lead me to discover a new vision of myself, as someone precious and valuable, and to fully embrace that my identity is not a human 'doing,' but  a human 'being.' I am able to connect to and trust my inner wisdom to guide me, knowing that no matter what circumstances may be, I am safe and I am loved. Through our work together, I now live my life with ease and joy and peace. I feel grounded and fully authentic. Laurel created the safe space where I could see and discover my own capacity. I can't begin to thank her enough for the change in my life." 
~Marie Tjernlund, Tacoma, WA
Executive Coach / Master Facilitator / Speaker, Noble Edge, LLC

"Thank you for being my sacred witness to my magical journey with my mom.  You helped me anchor it and make it more real.

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Individual sessions are $225 per hour.  Shorter or longer sessions are available at the same prorated rate in person or over the phone. Consultations between sessions are billed at the same rate.  Mental health insurance plans may cover part or all of the fee. Washington Women in Need covers part of Laurel's counseling fee for low-income women.  Group consulting packages and workshops vary based on the contract.  A sliding scale is available for those who need it.

You can send payments easily and free of charge online if you are part of ClearXchange: (Payments go to

For PayPal payments please send payments to:


Click to SEND PAYMENT or Create a Free PayPal account 

Insurance Reimbursement Form

 When you are ready to submit billing print the form below and fill out all information except for the codes.  I will enter the codes and sign it.  Please keep a copy of your completed billing form so you have a backup in case your insurance misplaces it. You are responsible for getting necessary authorizations and understanding your insurance policy.  

The first file is for sessions in person and the second is for sessions over the phone (phone sessions must be bill with the Telehealth form).

Directions to Laurel's Office

Please also see the map on the "Contact Us" page

North of the Renton s-curves:  North of the Renton s-curves go south on 405 to exit # 7, at the top of the ramp turn right onto Lake Washington Blvd., drive to North 38th Street and take a left, go up one block, in the second block I am the 4th home on the left. Please park on the street in front of the house and walk around the left side of the home to the basement entrance. 

South of Renton s-curves: South of Renton s-curves go north on 405 to exit #6, at the top of the ramp turn left, drive to Park Ave (after 7-Eleven) and take a right, drive to North 38th Street and take a right, I am the forth home on the left. Please park on the street in front of the house and walk around the left side of the home to the basement entrance.

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